People with Hernia Attention Here! You Can Get Rid of Obesity!

People with Hernia Attention Here! You Can Get Rid of Obesity!

People with Hernia Attention Here! You Can Get Rid of Obesity, If You Want!

Obesity has become a serious health problem in recent years as a result of inactivity caused by technological advancements, the spread of office-style work in the business world, an increase in fast-food restaurants, an increase in sales of sugary products, incorrect nutrition information, and socio-cultural factors. Obesity is a significant health issue not only in terms of appearance, but also because it promotes the onset of certain diseases, reduces life expectancy, and reduces quality of life.

Obesity is known to cause a variety of skeletal illnesses, including herniated discs, as well as a variety of other issues, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, respiratory disorders, joint diseases, gallbladder diseases, and some kinds of cancer. Because the body is considerably heavier than necessary, these forces in the musculoskeletal system allow for abrasions (calcification) and, eventually, hernia development with the rupture of the worn discs.

Hernia is the outward sliding, displacement, or protrusion of the tissue or muscles that hold the organ in place in its normal cavity. In cases where hernia and obesity problems are seen together, a different treatment procedure may be required than in healthy individuals.

Bariatric Surgery in Individuals with Hernia

Umbilical and incisional hernias are among the health problems frequently seen in individuals with obesity problems. Being overweight also makes hernia operation more difficult. In addition, obesity facilitates the recurrence of abdominal wall hernias after treatment. For this reason, individuals should definitely get rid of these two health problems, which are bad for each other.

Activities such as climbing stairs, coughing, standing coughing and jumping increase the load on the musculoskeletal system in individuals with obesity problems. Such actions cause sudden changes in internal pressure. The patches used today cannot withstand these pressures. For this reason, it is very common for the hernia to reappear in individuals who continue to have obesity problems.

The quality of life of individuals increases with the simultaneous planning of both hernia and bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Surgery and Hernia Treatment in Turkey

General surgeon will first check whether your health conditions are suitable for bariatric surgery methods, and your diet and weight loss status. Exercise and strenuous activities are generally not recommended for individuals with hernia. Moving can make the hernia worse and increase pain. In addition, actions such as not lifting heavy loads or trying to reach a high place should be avoided.

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Operation methods are operative and non-surgical techniques. These methods, which make dieting and weight loss easier, can be planned before or after hernia surgery, depending on the health status of the individual. The general surgeon decides all these conditions according to the results of his tests. Individuals can also avoid the risk of a hernia reappearing after losing weight.

What Are The Advantages of Having Treatment in Turkey?

Individuals who want to have bariatric surgery and hernia treatment in Turkey can call our office and ask all their questions. The contact information of our clinic is available on the Contact Us page of our website.

If you create your appointment date after calling us, a room will be booked for you and your companion in one of the most luxurious and comfortable hotels in Turkey. When you arrive here, your private driver will meet you at the airport so that you can easily reach your hotel with your belongings. The same is true when returning to the airport.

We recommend all our patients to arrange their flight ticket to check-in to their hotel at least 1 day in advance so that they can get enough rest. After a day’s rest in your hotel, you come to the clinic with yourself or your companion and meet your general surgeon.

Your doctor will ask you the necessary questions and perform the necessary health screenings. According to the findings obtained after the tests and examinations, if your health condition is suitable, your doctor will explain in detail how he plans the treatment and in what order he will perform it. Your operation will be performed in a fully equipped hospital by your general surgeon in an operating room environment. You can be followed up in the hospital for 2-3 days or more after the surgery. Your doctor will discharge you when your health condition becomes suitable. However, you may need to stay a few more days and your necessary health findings can be evaluated. Your doctor states that you can leave Turkey when your health condition is suitable. Your doctor will warn you against any action that may put your health at risk.

For more detailed information, you can contact to our cordinator of CatchLife Obesity Department +90 541 229 12 32. You can reach us at any time and get free information.

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